1.  The Timeless Journey                                            5:20
2.  Turn to Stone                                                        2:51
3.  Forty Miles of Dusty Road                                       1:46
4.  Time to Feel                                                          2:14
5.   Magnetic Storm                                                     4:31
6.   Bajo la Sombra del Cielo                                        3:47
7.   Mystic Rider                                                         3:59
8.   Mothership                                                           6:04
9.   A Part of Your Soul                                                2:57
10. Radioactive Dust                                                   4:26
11. Rub' Al Khali                                                          3:16
12. Truth as a Crime                                                   3:17                                                        

izzy waan - forty miles of dusty road

Forty Miles of Dusty Road


Released in September 2016, "Forty Miles of Dusty Road" is the first official album. The album took three years to record and incorporates different styles and instruments on this twelve song album that was recorded at  Second Harmonic recording studio and issued by the label with the same name.

The album contemplates a metaphorical journey through the world.


izzy waan - sputnik front cover small

Tracklist :


1. Ignition                                                                  4:07

2. Semyorka                                                               4:32

3. Anode Power                                                          3:38

4. Cosmic Dust                                                           3:45

5. Libra                                                                      3:37

6. Sky Solitude                                                            2:45

7. Drifting Away                                                          2:14

8. Flat Horizon                                                            3:35

9. Tunguska                                                                4:13

Carry On

carry on cover

A single, released as a tribute to J. J. Cale for the whole career, recorded in February 2017.

  On 4 October 1957, the soviet space program, launched Sputnik-1 into low earth orbit. This album is a homage to that achievement.

  The overall sound is meditative and atmospheric even though one can encounter rhytmic passages and drum pattern driven songs.

  The album contains 9 instrumental tracks. The Gryphon analog sequencer (hand made specially for this album) was used on tracks 2-Anode Power and 3-Semyorka.

  Recorded and mastered at Second Harmonic between April 2016 - February 2017. Cover design by Izzy Waan.